Written by Brandon Shalton
August 18, 2003 4:49pm
Words of Mass Destruction

I have been presenting articles and information about these broad patent issues, called for help in finding prior art, and you may be wondering, so any leads yet that will be the "smoking gun" of prior art?

While I can't release the specific info or people involved (to protect the defense's side), I can release some information in this slightly satirical report:

FightThePatent.com has engaged in an email campaign to alert the "old school" people who contributed to the development of the modern day internet for help in finding prior art.

Many high level individuals responded to the cause to help point out prior art, that should be a "no brainer".

In a reply to one of the guys that us tech-heads bow our heads down to:

> Sounds like you will be trouble for their patent.
i replied: nonononon, i am just a little internet entreprenuer... it's the big guys like you that will make the difference. I am playing my role to bring awareness. I'm just "painting the target" with my "Internet Activist Laser Scope"**, you guys are the ones that will drop the big bombs.

The prosecuting patent lawyers must be historical-challenged, to not review the development of Internet history and to think with arrogance that their "TV world" patent can be extended to the internet. I added a new article on my website about Convergence of TV and Computer and how it relates to these patent claims.

I further added to the closing of my email:

** "Internet Activist Laser Scope" is trademarked, copyrighted, copylefted, and patent-pending application for a device that when pointed upon an internet related issue, will guide a barrage of activist support to eliminate the target. The "Words of Mass Destruction" will invalidate patents and bring attention to important issues. *smirk*

I have received lots of information from many of the "greats" of Internet history. The hope is that their collective "Words of Mass Destruction" should be able to document prior art, and help to invalidate broad patent claims that cover the "ownership" of the downloading/streaming of audio/video files from (web) servers.

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