Written by Brandon Shalton
Date September 4, 2003
Silly Swinging Patents

If you do a search in Google for "silly patents", you will find pages and pages of wacky ideas that actually got patented.

It should then come to no surprise that the patent office has granted a 7 year old boy, the patent to swinging sideways on a swing! If only I was joking here.....

Read the news article here and read the actual patent here.

The father had filed the patent to teach his kid about the patent process. If it weren't for all the patent abuse cases, this news item would have been cute and funny.

"Patent Everything" is what you can hear being whispered in your ear by the little patent attorney sitting on your shoulder.

A lawsuit coming to a playground near you!

I believe this patent was invalidated by the USPTO themselves due to public outcry at the ridiculousness of granting this patent.

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