Written by Brandon Shalton
August 14, 2003 8:31am


24-Feb | BMG Settles with SightSound


- SightSound.com

- Summary of the lawsuit case against CDNow

- Patent #1 from SightSound

- Patent #2 from SightSound

- Microsoft's connection to SightSound
A War Bigger than the Fight for Middle Earth

There is a war going on in the Internet space, a war on who "owns" digital audio/video downloads as well as streaming audio/video.

For most of us, we just can't imagine how someone could "own" this concept, afterall, it's the basis of the web to be able to retrieve information, whether it be text, pictures, audio, or video.

While Acacia is one battle to be fought, there is another one! SightSound.com holds atleast 2 patents that cover the downloading of paid audio and video files. Sites like MP3.com are exempt from these patents because they offer free downloads. If a site has paying members to it and offer digital audio/video downloads, would SightSound have their targets on them next?

SightSound is currently engaged in a major lawsuit battle with CDNow, parent company BMG. With BMG as the target, you know there are high $$$ at stake.

24-Feb Update: SightSound accepts settlement from BMG

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