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National A-1 Advert:

It was a business decision not to settle


For those that read the AVN article about National A-1 Advert joining the Defense Group, it was great news.

What you missed were some great comments by Richard Cohen from their offical Press Release.

I am presenting the PR in its entirety with highlights over some memorable quotes by Cohen.



Date: January 19, 2004
CONTACT: Richard Cohen
(215) 418-2700

HotMovies.com Stands Firm Against Acacia Patent Claims!

Philadelphia, PA - HotMovies.com, the fastest growing Pay-Per-Minute site on the Internet, and its parent company, National A-1 Internet, today announced that it has joined the group fighting the patent claims made by Acacia Research Corporation.

Richard Cohen, co-owner of HotMovies.com and National A-1 Internet said he spent many months considering how his companies could best deal with the Acacia situation. One of his considerations was that financially it might be better to pay the royalties claimed by Acacia and move on.

However after considerable thought, Cohen now says that National and HotMovies.com have decided to do what they believe is right: Fight a company whose main purpose (after seeing its revenue shrink over the past few quarters) is to sue people in a bet-the-company proposition.

Cohen says, "Acacia is not the inventor of the patents. They bought them and are now taking advantage of many companies who cannot afford to litigate."

He went on to say that, "Acacia is taking advantage of a patent system that is flawed. Patents were designed to reward inventors not those who purchase patents invented by others."

"It is hard to believe and embarrassing to many of us in the industry," Cohen asserts, "that many companies have chosen to settle even though, in their hearts, they know Acacia is wrong"

"These companies also know that Acacia has a reputation for bullying defendants into settling. Companies that have settled now look at the royalties they must pay to Acacia as just another cost of doing business."

Although Cohen says he prefers to avoid the headaches and stresses associated with any litigation, he strongly believes there is more to life than money.

"Doing the right thing and fighting for what we believe in is what we will do,"' says Cohen. "Even if we lose, we will know that, in good conscience, we did the best we could to stop the unfair and unjust claims made by a company whose battle plan knows no limits."

Cohen equates the current Acacia litigation to personal injury lawyers who take advantage of our legal system. These attorneys take marginal cases so they can achieve quick settlements from insurance companies and others who feel it is cheaper in the end to settle rather than to pay legal fees.

"HotMovies.com is our primary business model and is therefore intricately tied into National A-1's continued success," says Cohen.

"We believe that Pay-Per-Minute is the future of the Internet. Since streaming is key to HotMovies.com's performance, we will strongly defend our right to present this technology to a public who has demonstrated that this is their preferred method to view Adult Entertainment."

Cohen also wants to recognize and applaud AEBN, the first company to offer Pay-Per-Minute streaming, for joining the Acacia fight early on."

"Their immediate opposition to what is an unjustified and unfair attempt to hijack legitimate earnings is an inspiration to everyone in the industry. We need to stand firm and fight!" says Cohen.

National A-1 is one of the leading providers of adult entertainment. In addition to virtual chat and live phone lines, National A-1 owns HotMovies.com, Singles.com, Spanking.com, Girls.com, and many others. National is also one of the largest audiotext companies. They have been in business for over thirteen years and have over 250 employees.

Those who wish to join with National in its fight against Acacia should contact guesswho@guesswho.com.



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