Written: August 12, 2003
By: Brandon Shalton
If you are concerned about the broad implications of these broadly written patents, and want to know how you can help, then pull up a chair and we can play Armchair-patent attorneys.

Patent Attorneys know their stuff when it comes to reading and researching patents. We can best help the cause by digging back into the attics and closets of our homes and minds to find prior art.

Reference the article on A Call to Arms - Finding Prior Art as a starting point so you know what to look for.

Think back to any contacts you may have had that involved digital audio and video and the transfer of those files for viewing on a PC.

Bell Labs, MIT, etc are places where creative thinking took place to create this kind of technology.

If you think you have found a lead, feel free to email me and I will document your lead and pass it onto Patent Attorneys.

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